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Goa is synonymous to its exotic beaches and pulsating nightlife. Tourists come here to enjoy the relaxed pace of life and rediscover themselves in peaceful and serene surroundings.


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Goa, an endearing abode of scenic charm is a paradise, squeezed between the seas and the lush forested hills. Offering glistening sands, swaying coconut palms, and ultra fresh seafood. Your Goa Tours will involve exploring sensuous beaches and historical forts that have kept the legacy of Portuguese alive. Travel to Goa, to explore the mystical charisma of the exotic abode. It is a promise that Goa will add some golden moments in your memorabilia.


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Regardless of the 4 centuries of the Portuguese incursion in Goa, Hinduism has still managed to carry on strongly in this state. In Goa, there are plenty of temples located at every corner of the state. These temples are of chronological and religious value to the people of Goa. Some of the most significant temples in Goa are Rudreshwar Temple, Shri Bhagavati Temple, Shri Mahadeo Bhumika, Morjaee Temple, Brahma Temple, Shri Chandranath etc



Goa is quite famous all across the globe for its churches. These churches and aged monument are of great importance to the people of Goa. They resemble the heartrending history of Goa. Throughout the Portuguese incursion of Goa, construction of churches and monuments was the key profession of the Goans of that era to earn their livelihood. The main goal of the Portuguese invaders by construction of these churches was to spread Christianity and convert Hindus of that time into Christians.


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India is known for its different culture and religion. Being diverse in all aspects there are different cuisine of different communities and style of preparation, all are unique in their own way.

Night Life in Goa

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As the night arrives in Goa, the nightlife for party lovers begins. Goa is the perfect place to be for those who love to party. Goa has a complete variety of different types of night clubs, discs, bars and restaurants. You can find any type of food and drinks from any place in the world in Goa. Even though it is a small state, it is compared to big European cities in a touristic manner.